How to use the Chatmeet Video Chat


While it is not required, to avoid the risk of being banned we recommend you use Chatmeet while fully dressed, and with the camera pointed at your face.

1. No nudity
2. No inappropriate touching or sexual activity, even if you are clothed
3. No pointing webcam at inappropriate areas. You must not point the camera anywhere below the waist, even if you are completely dressed.
4. No gender faking, you must select your correct gender
5. No sexual harassment. You may not request strangers to remove their clothing or offer to remove yours. No unwanted sexual statements
6. Similar to the rule above, you may not use signs or play games that request other users remove clothing or behave in a sexual manner.
7. No using Chatmeet to promote products, services, websites, or any other commercial activity.
8. You may not engage in rude and offensive behavior, hate speech, violence of any kind, or anything that may be detrimental to the user experience of others.

This is a clean chat site. Violating the rules will result in being banned from using Chatmeet. Please be aware that BANNING MAY BE PERMANENT.



(Registration is 100% free)

Unregistered users may only use the basic features of Chatmeet.

Registration allows you access to all of Chatmeet's functions and features.



Registered users may add each other as friends. This will allow you to communicate with new friends by message any time, or "Direct Connect" with them for a video chat any time they are online using Chatmeet. This way you can make new friends on Chatmeet and talk to them again, WITHOUT giving them any of your contact information. No need to give out phone numbers, skype ID, etc.



Registering is easy and does NOT require the creation of a profile.

However, if you like you may create a profile with info about yourself. Upload pictures of yourself. You can even upload videos of yourself or make a new video of yourself directly from your profile.

Profiles help us match you to those with common interests. They also help people find you if, for instance, you chatted and wanted to chat again but didn't exchange info for some reason, such as a dropped connection.



If you are looking to use Chatmeet for dating, it is suggested that you make a profile. Providing us info about yourself allows us to match you to someone using our matching algorithm to find the right person for you. Without a profile we will match you randomly.



Chatmeet does NOT allow users to search/browse profiles in the way that most other websites do. Chatmeet was created to bring you the fun and spontaneous experience of meeting someone in the "real world"...or at least as close as possible.

Your profile can only be viewed by people you have chatted with before. Strangers cannot view your profile. Using our "Chat History" feature, you can view profiles of everyone you've chatted with for the past few days (as long as you spoke for at least 10 seconds, or their username will not appear in your chat history).

That way if you speak to someone you like but you get disconnected or somehow sign off without adding them as a friend, you can go to your chat history, find them, and add them. Also, if you speak to an unregistered user who you want to add as a friend, it's okay. After they register, their new username will still appear in your Chat History.



Chatmeet allows you to be matched up with other webcam users randomly, or to look for users based on various criteria such as gender and location. Click "Advanced Search" to enter options for gender and/or location.

Adding gender OR location will likely increase your waiting time to be matched to someone. If you add both gender AND location, you may experience a substantial waiting time.

A notification sound plays when you are matched up to a new web cam chat partner, so you may do other things while you wait. You can go to the home page to change your search options at any time.



Direct Connect is the feature registered users can use to connect to those you have added as friends. We are currently improving and changing our Direct Connect platform to make it easier to use. For now, in order to Direct Connect, simply send the user a "mail" message on Chatmeet telling them you wish to Direct Connect. If they agree, you simply click "Advanced Search" on your home page, select "Direct Connect," and then the users username from the pulldown menu.

You will be taken to the chat page to wait for them, and once they also choose to "Direct Connect" to you, they will instantly be in video chat with you.



Text only is an option for users without web cams. Text users may only connect to other text users.



Chatmeet has just recently released a mobile app so you can use Chatmeet directly from your Android mobile smart phone or Android tablet. Apple iPhone and iPad versions of the app coming very soon! We are the world's only random video chat app that actually works with real video, the app functions just like our website but you can use it anywhere, anytime.



If you have questions or comments regarding anything, feel free to email us at